The life of a farmer has to be one that is dependent on God. For this vocation to succeed, there should be good weather for planting, proper weather conditions for the growing season and rich soil to yield a bountiful harvest. The farmer depends on God’s providence in order to prosper. The parable of the sower always makes me think about farmers who must struggle with a small acreage, and work diligently to yield a good living from their efforts.

           How often do people hear the word of God go in one ear and then float out the other? Isn’t this like planting in poor soil? So often people attend church services, listen to the word of God and leave in the same darkened frame of mind that they brought into church that day. The words of scripture should always give us a lesson in truth and fill us with hope. Like the sower who planted the seeds in fertile ground, we have to sit in those pews with open hearts, ready to put into action the messages that Christ is teaching through those who minister to us. When our hearts are open, our souls can be nourished. Healthy souls cultivate happy, peaceful lives.
          Those who allow the Holy Spirit to guide them through each day will be blessed with confidence. All we need to do is to watch the evening news for a few days and we might become discouraged. Christians are being killed in Nigeria, corruption is discovered in the sporting world and people are fleeing their homes in the Middle East.
          Maybe we cannot do more than make a donation to assist with those suffering from the earthquake in Nepal but we can do something for the suffering in our own communities. Through time spent volunteering, we become the bearers of Christ’s word in action. Each kindness we extend plants a seed of hope in an organization or in a neighbour’s lonely heart. It might be a little time spent with a shut in or a visit to an older relative in a nursing home. We can offer our time in so many ways and this will spread that ‘agape’ style of love that is needed everywhere.
          Pope Francis is calling for a new evangelization; we are asked to be joyful witnesses of our faith. Each of us has gifts and talents that can be shared. Blessed Mother Teresa believed that we can change the world, as she said, “one person at a time.”