Jack’s Farm is a testament to one special man’s “desire of the heart”— and the fulfillment of his dream on a long-abandoned property. In an old farmhouse with no power or running water, Jack and Joan Earle entered into “pioneer” life, just as the world was meeting the new millennium.

Interwoven with heart-warming descriptions of the challenges and blessings of old ways meeting new, Jack’s Farm is the story of a quiet, methodical technician and a spontaneous, impulsive artist who could have been separated by their differences, but who chose instead to find the value in them.

In her gentle recounting of husband Jack Earle’s life, so intrinsically entwined with her own, Joan presents her readers with compelling lessons of powerful faith and evolving love…of incomparable loss and the journey toward healing.

Award: Community Reads Book of the Year, 2006

ISBN: 0968373623, 9780968373620 (171 Pages)

Jack's Farm

By Joan Levy Earle