The story of a widow who was left to cope with an unfinished farmhouse and a load of grief and her incredible faith in love and God which helped her get through it all.

The uplifting story of a widow who, after the sudden death of her husband on the first day of their retirement, had to cope with an unfinished farmhouse that lacked amenities such as electricity and running water.

In the midst of her sorrow and adjustments, Joan decided to pursue her plan to build a chapel in the woods dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The support of family and friends who helped her to fulfill this dream is a story of love and perseverance.

She saw the “arrival of the poles,” putting her home on “the grid”; the installment of running water; and, finally, an indoor washroom. Then, by the grace of God, she received the surprise gift of a new life–a future that began with a simple meeting on a train.

ISBN 9781897508435

Train Ride to Destiny

By Joan Levy Earle