Joan Levy Earle, September 24 2019

A house reborn

Originally written by Joan Levy Earle for igNation on Sep 24th, 2019

The strength of the oak trees beckoned, 
The faded, grey clapboard
And windowless house, sobbed;
A lesser man would have turned away. 

He rejoiced at the challenge,
Labouring step by step until
That broken house became a home. 

For a decade this land had been -
His heart’s desire;
God had granted this gift to him.
And then –
His heart stopped beating. 

His time had come
And he slipped away,
No doubt, somewhat content
God had permitted this dream;
Fulfilling so many hopes
 That lay within his heart. 

 The earth was frozen over
When she found him, lying cold
Upon his earthly paradise.
 He had left her suddenly,
Without a good-bye
But at the will of His Father
Who knew his time was now complete. 

 The grace of God surrounded her,
And faithful friends provided
The strength to live this winter through;
Trusting that the Lord -
Always knows best.

Joan Levy Earle

Written by

Joan Levy Earle


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