A former Anglican with Jewish ancestry, Joan Levy Earle is now a devout Roman Catholic. This is her faith story which she hopes will inspire others, especially those who may be looking for spiritual depth and balance in their lives.

Our world has grown increasingly secular. Despite the fact that corruption and immorality appear to have acquired a new role of acceptability, the practice of one's faith is still an essential tool for survival.

Recounting her own experiences and quoting passages from some favourite spiritual writers, Joan has included topics of interest for all believers. Her desire to rekindle a light of hope in the hearts of those seeking renewal. God has not forgotten them, but waits for them to return to His Heart and to do as Joan has learned to do... to live His will each new day that is allotted to them.

"Spiritual growth is a lifetime process. Joan reminds us that the autumn years can be rich with insight for those who are open to God's presence in their lives."

- Joanne McGarry, Executive Director,

Catholic Civil Rights League of Canada

"In The Road Home, Joan has consecrated a story that is thoughtful, insightful and a rewarding pilgrimage - for her and her legion of faithful readers."

- Dennis McCloskeu, journalist and

author of "My Favorite American"


The Road Home

A Journey of Faith

By Joan Levy Earle

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